Guest Post: Leanne Holders Best Home Exercises

Leanne Holder, Fitness Blogger, Motorsport Fitness and Nutrition Coach and MSc Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach knows her stuff when it comes to the best home exercises to do to get an incredible summer body! Have a look at some of her favourite home exercises below! These can be done at home or at the gym!

She also uses Vit Stix to keep her hydrated and topped up with Vitamins during her home exercises!

1. Burpees


When I’m teaching a class and I include Burpee’s this is normally the time that people groan. Not many people enjoy them! They are however a fantastic all over exercise and great to include your home exercises! All you need to do is start in a press up position, jump your legs in and then jump up in the air. You then need to reverse this by jumping back down to the floor, then jumping the legs back out to the press up position. Once you are in a rhythm of them they are easy enough to keep doing, until you do too many and feel so tired! One of my favourite exercises and a great option for any HIIT workout too

Tip: Make sure you jump all the way up into the air and also jump your legs all the way out when in the press up position. Performing the exercise fully will make sure that you always are achieving the most effective workout. 

2. Single Leg Russian Deadlifts

Often you would perform these with a weight in your hand, however this is not essential and they be performed without one – great for your home exercises! All you need to do, is choose one leg to start with, tilt your body forwards by hinging at the hips and then keeping your back straight lift the other leg behind. What you should feel, is a pull on the hamstring of the leg that is on the floor. Tensing the glute, bring yourself back up to standing whilst keeping a straight leg and your back straight with a tucked in core! 

Tip: Slow and steady is the key to this exercise. If you perform the exercise too quickly you will lose your balance, so be sure to take your time! 

3. Lunges

If like me, you are looking to work on your lower body, then lunges are a fantastic way to go! They really help to shape the glutes, whilst building leg definition at the same time! I like to do 10 on one leg, and then swap to the other leg in order for the one leg to fatigue. Another great way of doing these are walking lunges, where you simply lunge in a straight line swapping legs as you go! Holding your hands in front of you clasped can help with your balance, as if your anything like me then you will be wobbling all over the place! 

Tip: Make sure your feet are facing forward and that you are keeping your knee’s straight ahead rather than turning them in. Performing them nice and slow will ensure a safe and effective form. 

4. Leg Lifts

Leg Lifts are a fab way to work those your abdominal muscles and to get them ready for the summer! All you need to do, is lay on your back and place your hand’s just underneath your hips (this lifts you up slightly but can also support the lower back). Bring your legs up into the air, and slowly lower them down until they are a few inches of the floor, then tense your abs and whilst keeping your legs straight, raise them back up! Doing 20 of these makes you feel like you will have abs popping out all over the place, they are hard! 

Tip: Perform these slowly, especially when bringing your legs down, to get the best results. To make them harder, pause at the bottom of the rep for a few seconds before raising your legs again! 

5. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers in my opinion are one of the best home exercises and work the whole body meaning you can cut down your workout time! While you are having to concentrate on keeping your core tight, you also have to balance your weight on your arms and at the same time alternate your legs whilst driving the knees up towards the chest. If you do these quickly for more than 30 seconds then you will realise how hard this is on the cardiovascular system as well as the muscles! It gets me so worn out! 

Tip: Make sure to really adopt the ‘belly button to spine approach’ and tuck your core in. You don’t want your stomach to sag down but to remain tight and braced. 

We hope you love Leanne’s 5 top home exercises to do ready for the summer! If you want to see more of her, make sure you check out her blog and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Thanks Leanne for the post – we hope you are enjoying your Vit Stix!

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