Starting Uni tips

Are you excited for starting University? Or are you a little nervous for what to to bring with you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got a couple of tips for you, so that you know what to pack and what to do during freshers week.

Hopefully you can start your University career with a bang with these tips!

Pack Light

You might have the urge to pack everything you own when getting ready for university, but think about what is essential and what is unnecessary!

You don’t need to take too much. When living with others, you may end up with multiples of the same things, such as kitchen equipment.  Try not to take anything too expensive, and make sure not to forget to pack important documents you’ll need for enrolment!

Look after your body

Whether you’re a huge team sports fan or fond of Pilates, getting out there and staying healthy is very important. It’s very easy to forget that your body needs exercise in order to stay healthy. It’s very easy to slip into a routine which is not great for your physical health, which can have an impact on your mental health and University performance.

Additionally, is can work as a great way to stay meet people and become part of a community! Team sports in particular can be great for this!

Learn to cook

One side of starting University that can be daunting is learning to cook. Similar to the above point, too many takeaways and pot noodles can have a very negative impact on your mental and physical health.

Check out BBC Good Food for great easy and cheap recipes, where they’ll talk you through it bit stage by stage. Cooking will work out as:

  • Cheaper
  • Healthier
  • More sociable

One option to make sure that you are getting all your essential nutrients, would be to buy some Vit Stix- full of B vitamins, vitamin C and D and Zinc. 

So there you go, hope you enjoyed it. Good luck for the new term! Check out Vit Stix at our website so that your mental and physical performance can be optimised.

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