Cheap Autumn Holidays

It’s not the summer anymore, and we can all feel it. If you’re missing the long days and sunshine, maybe you could have a look at a cheap holiday. Whether you’re by yourself, with a family or a student going away during reading week, we’ve got you covered.

Want a fun city holiday? Or a cultural getaway? Maybe a beach trip? Check out our options for cheap short breaks to get you back in the summer vibe.

Cultural getaway

Flights around Europe are pretty cheap, and there’e loads of places you can get return flights for less than £40! Remember, on the flight you can enjoy a Vit Stix, so that you stay hydrated before the European heat!

  • Venice- The city on stilts is cheap to fly to, and one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Also, going at an off peak time means you could enjoy it without quite so much company as there would have been in August.
  • Pisa- Sticking with Italy, you can fly to Pisa for around £35 return. Pisa is full of beautiful Renaissance architecture, including the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Toulouse- Moving on to France, flying to Toulouse can be as cheap as £30. Enjoy delicious food and stunning scenery, only a short flight away.

Beach Trip

If you fancy getting a cocktail and setting up on a beach, that’s also an option for an autumn getaway. You could work on your tan or play some beach footie, for less than £50.

  • Palma- Fly to Mallorca for as cheap as £35! You can have both the beaches a short taxi away, along with the historic town of Palma and the iconic nightlife.
  • Porto- Enjoy Portugal in the Autumn for less than £50 a return flight. Iconic for it’s delicious food, bustling nightlife, this coastal town is well worth a visit.

Party Town

If you’re looking for somewhere to go and blow off steam, and the above destinations don’t grab your fancy, have a look at our other options. Also, if you need a hangover cure, check out Vit Stix– full of vitamins which will blow away your headache in no time.

  • Dublin- You can fly to Dublin from most cities in the UK for £30. While Dublin has some great culture and history, it also is the home to some of the best nightclubs in Europe, as well as the Guinness Factory.
  • Ibiza- Iconic for being the home to legendary nights out. If you’re going on a lads/ ladies trip, Ibiza is a classic destination for clubbing. In October and November, you could get return flights for £50!

So there you go, hope you enjoyed it. Go check out the holiday options at this time of the year and make the most of the off peak times. Remember to stock some Vit Stix for travel, convenient and healthy.

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