Back to school kit

The summer is coming to an end, and while it’s been a wonderfully hot season, school is right around the corner. We’ve made a few tips for how to stay healthy during the school day, and keep everyone happy.

Here are a few suggestions for how to stay healthy, as well as make the most of the sales.

Stationary sales

Retail shops often have back to school sales, and here’s a few of the best that we’d recommend.

  • WHSmith– Up to half price on loads of stationary, and a £5 discount if you spend over £20.
  • B&M Stores– Loads of discounts on pads of paper and pens, up to 15%!
  • Ryman– Even more discounts on stationary. Over half price!

Packed Lunch ideas

Packed lunches can be a great way to make sure that students are getting healthy food and drink. Here are a few tips on making sure all the key vitamins and nutrients are in your diet.

  • VitstixContains B vitamins, vitamin C, D and zinc. Additionally, it’s a convenient and delicious Tropical Citrus squash sachet. The combinations of vitamins can improve brain functions, as well as energise you!
  • Colour– Make sure that you have a colourful diet plan. In general, having a variety of different colours suggests that you’ll be getting a variety of key nutrients and vitamins.

Clothing sales

Get discounts on school clothes and backpacks, so that you can return to school looking stylish.

  • Debenams– Get 20% on any school backpack you order online.
  • Clarks– Next day delivery on any shoes so that you can definitely make sure you’ll be sorted for when term starts. Get a top brand and quality product T  reasonable price.
  • ASDA– Get all the essentials at a low price, including school trousers for only £3.50!

So there you go, hope you enjoyed it. Good luck for the new term! Check out Vit Stix at our website so that your mental and physical performance can be optimised.

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